Wooden Neck Duster Barber Brush Neck Hair Duster Hair Dust Sweep Brush Hair Tool for Cutting, Hair Salon, Barbar Shop

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Great for dusting around the ears and neck line. Removes hair quickly and easily. Super comfort, soft, high- density, high elasticity, easy to sweep your broken hair quickly. Our premium haircut brush is specially designed good for the skin and to easily reach every place for the ultimate cleaning.

  • Wooden Handle Hairbrush comfortable hair touch feeling, labor- saving and fashion, not damaging to your skin.
  • Wooden Handle Hairbrush Multi- purpose, can be used as a makeup brush, hairdressing brush, broken hair cleaning brush, etc.
  • Wooden Handle Hairbrush Bushy fiber hairbrush, easy to sweep dust or hairs. Multi- function, convenient and practical.
  • Wooden Handle Hairbrush Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and store, can use at any time.
  • Wooden Handle Hairbrush Made with premium wooden handle and fiber hair material, durable and comfortable for a long time use.