SPI Styles Barber & Salon Apron with PU Leather Pockets

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  • SPI Styles Barber & Salon Apron is made of exquisite quality fabric that is durable and highly protective as compared to other material aprons. We have especially chosen materials to make our apron comfortable, light, Heat Resistant, able to prevent spills from seeping into your clothes, and to give protection against sharp objects. It saves you from cuts and punctures, and can withstand high temperatures; so if you want the best protection possible, then our apron is definitely the way to go!  
  • Apart from all the protection and shielding our Apron provides, it comes with PU Leather POCKETS. So it is handy and practical to wear while working anywhere. 1 Breast/Kangaroo Pocket and 3 Lower Pockets; all to store the equipment that you need in your profession within hand’s reach. They are strong enough to bear weight so don’t fret any ripping off when you put in accessories, knives, cloths, scissors, shears, or any other professional hand tools.

Package Includes:  1 Apron

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