SPI Styles Wash & Style Detangling Hairbrush Set (2 Brush Set

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The perfect set for Wash & Styles, critical to pattern development and breaking forks.  The Detangling Hairbrush minimizes hair breakage and cuticle damage while adding shine. 

Minimizes hair breakage and cuticle damage while adding shine. Use in the shower to brush through SPI Styles conditioning treatments or after hair is dry for pain-free detangling and Wash & Styles. Great for all hair types, it is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your palm for creative styling and easy handling of detailed brush sessions.

  • This set contains two ergonomically designed detangling hairbrushes. The unique curved handle and soft, cone shaped bristles that will not lose their shape or damage under water use.  

  • Aids in Wash & Style pattern development, and removes tangles and knots and forks – ordinary brushes work against the hair ripping through the knots. Our cone shaped bristles separate the hair sideways, gently unraveling the toughest tangles pain free.

  • Child friendly – The detangling brush does not dig into the scalp or rip out hair making this perfect for small children. It takes out knots and tangles without hurting or yanking. 

Recommended use with SPI Styles Shampoo and Conditioner Duo!, brush as normal after showering or bathing. Brush in downward strokes. Tangled and knotted hair will begin to unfurl easily. 

Made of High-quality plastics. paraben-free.

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