NEW ROSE GOLD - Limited Edition SPI Styles Space Metal Hair Combs 3 Piece Set - Anti Static Styling Comb Hairdressing Barbers Combs (IN STOCK ORDER NOW‼️) - SPI Styles

Rose Gold Master Barber Comb Collection

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  • SPI Styles Master Barber Space Metal Hair Comb 3 Piece Set Set - Anti Static Styling Comb Hairdressing Barbers Combs (NEW ROSE GOLD🔥) Heat and Corrosion Resistant and Anti-static
  • Combs Made of Space Aluminum Offer a Variety of Benefits-They're Lightweight, Durable and Can Withstand Extreme Heat,Making Them Perfect for Use with Your Hair dryer or Iron. In Addition, Aluminum Is Static Free, which Helps Prevent Fly-away and Frizzy Hair During Styling.
  • The U-Shaped Groove and Round Comb Teeth Will Do No Harm to Your Hair. A Half-length First Tooth Which Makes It Easy to Pick Up Sections and Create Partings. It's an exceptional comb for creating the perfect line parting.Easy to Rise Your Hair Styling. Perfect Lifting Fluffing and Cutting.
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