SPI Styles Cordless Body Trimmer with LED Light, Wet / Dry Shaver

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Advanced Blade Technology - The high-speed movement of the advanced stainless steel brings sharpness, and the ceramic blade ensures safety, trimming without pulling hair. Providing you with a smooth, and comfortable shave, SPI Styles body hair trimmer keeps your body clean, neat, and attractive.

Waterproof - Men's body hair trimmer supports waterproof for wet or dry use, even in the shower. Thanks to the washable body and removable blade head, convenient to clean them within seconds.

Professional Body Shaver - LED light offers illumination for a thorough and clean trim. SPI Styles male body shaver is lightweight and comfortable to grip, shave the whole body with little effort. Comes with an adjustable guide comb(3/7/11mm), choosing the cutting length as your preference, different lengths for different moods.

Rechargeable Groin Trimmer - With a built-in battery, this groin hair trimmer supports 90 minutes of shaving after 1.5 hours of charging. SPI Styles male body shaver is ideal for business trips for its long standby time. USB Type-C port, no need to worry about losing the charging cable.

For shaving balls, install a guide comb and shave slowly. If you want a closer trim, remove it but make sure to pull the skin tight and flat. SPI Styles men's groomer allows all men to be the best that they can be!  

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