SPI Styles Aftershave Cordless Automatic Nano Steam Gun Rechargeable for disinfecting
Aftershave Cordless Automatic Nano Steam Gun (Rechargeable) (SOLD OUT PRE-ORDER NOW) - SPI Styles

Aftershave Cordless Automatic Nano Steam Gun (Rechargeable)

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This electrostatic sprayer has a built-in 1500m rechargeable battery. It can be fully charged in 2.5 hours and work continuously for up to 2 hours.

Equipped with 6 powerful blue antibacterial lights to assist in sterilization. Using 0.26nm nano-negative ion spray, the water mist covers the surface of the sprayed object more evenly and in all directions.

Anti-Blocking Nozzle: This atomizer sprayer adopts an upgraded high-pressure water pump to prevent the outlet pipe from being blocked. The high-pressure water pump can quickly pressurize the liquid water into the gas mist, efficient spraying and uniform droplets.. When you start the steam gun, the strong air pressure enables the liquid to be sprayed immediately without preheating.

Portable & rechargeable design: Compared with wired ultra-low voltage atomizers, this handheld wireless sprayer gets rid of the shackles of wires, and you can use it wherever disinfection is needed. After filling the atomizer spray bottle can with disinfectant, its weight is only 1lb, more portable and convenient to operate for a long time. More suitable for one-handed operation.

Widely Used: Our wireless sprayer is widely used in all aspects of life by virtue of its lightweight body, simple operation and excellent performance of fast atomization. In addition to disinfection and odor removal in homes, schools, companies, transportation and other places, you can also apply to garden work, hair salons, etc.  

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